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The SIBA Gents Selectors have named the Gents International Trial which will be held at Auchinleck on Sunday 16th December 2018.

All players are to be at Auchinleck by 11.30am at the very latest with the trial being held from 12noon to 4pm.

The Dress Code for all players is predominantly White Top, Black or Grey Trousers and any apporved bowling shoes.

Lead - Bryan Cooper (West Lothian)                             Lead - Greg McLaughlin (Blantyre)
Second - Keiran Clinton (East Kilbride)                         Second - Connor Milne (Turriff)
Third - Martin McCalley (Falkirk)                                    Third - Mark Allison (West Lothian)
Skip - Colin Walker (Midlothian)                                     Skip - Iain McLean (Blantyre)

Lead - Darren Weir (Prestwick)                                     Lead - Jason Banks (Garioch)
Second - John McHutchison (Falkirk)                            Second - Mark O' Hagan (Blantyre)
Third - Callum Taggart (Paisley)                                    Third - Steven Allan (Falkirk)
Skip - Mike Stepney (Elgin)                                           Skip - Neil Speirs (West Lothian)

Lead - Andrew Barker (Elgin)                                        Lead - Jamie Higgins (East Lothian)
Second - Billy Peacock (Midlothian)                              Second - Graeme McDougall (West of Scotland)
Third - Andy Furye (Arbroath)                                        Third - Scott Kennedy (East Lothian)
Skip - Billy Mellors (East Lothian)                                  Skip - Graeme Archer (Midlothian)

Lead - Andrew Thomson (Abereen)                              Lead - Gary Hutchison (Falkirk)
Second - James Speirs (West Lothian)                         Second - Martin Williamson (Ardrossan)
Third - Jim Meikle (Blantyre)                                          Third - John McCabe Jr (Galleon)
Skip - Graeme Donaldson (Elgin)                                  Skip - Brian Irvine (Blantyre)

Others to be considered but not attending the trial match -
Stewart Anderson (Blantyre), Darren Burnett (Arbroath), Ronnie Duncan (Midlothian), Paul Foster MBE (Prestwick Ambassador), Robert Grant (Lanarkshire), Alex Marshall MBE (East Lothian) and Derek Oliver (East Lothian).

All players should contact Gordon Woods on This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it before Wednesday 12th december to confirm their availability.

The International Series will take place at Falcon IBC in Essex on Thursday 14th, Friday 15th and Saturday 16th March 2019.

The SIBA Lady Selectors have named their International Team who will represent Scotland at Falcon IBC from Friday 8th to Sunday 10th March 2019.

Lead - Dee Hoggan (East Lothian)                                Lead - Claire Walker (Blantyre)
Second - Mhairi Buchanan (Coatbridge)                       Second - Natalie Docherty (Glasgow)                                      
Third - Cecilia Smith (East Fife)                                    Third - Lynn Stein (East Fife)
Skip - Lorraine Craig (Balbardie)                                   Skip - Caroline Brown (Blantyre)

Lead - Emma McIntyre (Paisley)                                   Lead - Lesley Doig (East Fife)
Second - Emma Logan (East Lothian)                          Second - Kim Watt (Stonehaven)
Third - Lorna Cameron (Glasgow)                                Third - Caroline Ruxton (Arbroath)
Skip - Claire Johnston (Auchinleck)                              Skip - Margaret Letham (Blantyre)

Lead - Leanne Furye (Arbroath)                                   Lead - Kimberley Dodds (Falkirk)
Second - Lauren Gregg (Tweedbank)                          Second - Julie Sword (East Fife)
Third - Elizabeth Fraser (Turriff)                                   Third - Sarah Jane Ewing (Headwell)
Skip - Julie Forrest (Teviotdale)                                    Skip - Stacey McDougall (Midlothian)

Reserves - Rebecca Houston (Prestwick), Wendy Purdie (West Lothian)

Team Manager - Jean Sykes
Captain - Caroline Brown

The SIBA Ladies Scottish Under 25 Selectors have named the following team who will represent Scotland at the BIWIBC Under 25 International Series to be hald at Belfast IBC on the 9th and 10th February 2019.
Lead - Sophie McGrouther (Abbeyview)      Lead - Lauren Roddie (Stonehaven)
Second - Stephanie Wallace (Stirling)          Second - Dawn Anderson (Auchinleck)
Third - Heather Garvie (Stonehaven)           Third - Megan Kivlin (East Lothian)
Skip - Rebecca Houston (Prestwick)            Skip - Gemma Forrester (Abbeyview)

Lead - Ellie Borthwick (Midlothian)                Lead - Katie Stevenson (Ardrossan)
Second - Chloe Thomson (Bainfield)             Second - Eilidh Weir (Alloa)
Third - Carrie McLean (Auchinleck)               Third - Kimberley Dodds (Falkirk)
Skip - Rachel Sinclair (West of Scotland)       Skip - Carla Banks (Garioch)

Reserves - Megan Grantham (Midlothian), Karen Magee (West of Scotland)

Team Manager - Vicki Leishman
Captain - Gemma Forrester

The SIBA Gents Scottish Under 25 Selectors have named the following team who will represent Scotland at the BIIBC Under 25 International Series to be held at Aberdeen IBC on the 16th and 17th February 2019.

Lead - Stephen Lowrie (Glasgow)                     Lead - Michael Stevenson (Inverclyde)
Second - Dylan Robertson (Abbeyview)           Second - John Meikle (Blantyre)
Third - Joe Mower (East Lothian)                      Third - John Orr (East Kilbride)
Skip - Jason Banks (Garioch)                             Skip - John Fleming Jr (Inverclyde)

Lead - Jak Miller (Aberdeen)                              Lead - Bradley Buchan (Fraserburgh)
Second - Andrew Weir (Prestwick)                     Second - Dean Riva (East Lothian)
Third - Greg McLaughlin (Blantyre)                    Third - Keiran Clinton (East Kilbride)
Skip - Connor Milne (Turriff)                               Skip - Darren Weir (Prestwick)

Reserves - Kevin McDonald (Elgin), Liam McKay (Midlothian)

Team Manager - Paul Foster MBE
Team Captain - Connor Milne

The Ladies Singles Playdowns take place at Glasgow Indoor Bowling Club 
on Saturday 27 October and Sunday 28 October

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The Gents Singles Playdowns take place at Ardrossan Indoor Bowling Club

on Saturday 7 October and Sunday 8 October

Real Time Scoring - Click Here
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TEAM KO's Under 18 and Under 21 Singles

9 May - Team Championship date alterations
17 May - Ladies Two Bowl Pairs Garioch Added & Inverclyde Removed


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